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My Build: Full Walkthrough of The Bohemian Dream Machine

My Build: Start to Finish

My Build: High Detail 3D Render - 360 Tour

My Build: From Virtual to Reality!

Use the interactive images to see how my 3-D van layout compares to the actual finished build. A striking resemblance I'd say! Additional pics of all of Bo's inner workings including.

This side of the van features a double wide seat that sits atop my Dometic CFX75 dual zone fridge/freezer. The seating arrangement is perfect for watching movies from my projector on the opposite wall. I even added wireless surround sound to make it just like being at the theatre!


The front upper cabinet houses the projector and my laptop. It makes a great work station, and it locks up tight!

The front portion of my counter top is on a Lagun swivel mount. This gives you access to it from any seat in the van, and it raises to standing desk height.


The cutout section in between flips up to make a full 6' counter top.


Above the drawers I have my electrical control panel and some outlets. The control panel flips down to reveal the fuse box and some of the wiring.

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