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Vantastic Planet
The Bohemian Dream Machine


I've been designing van conversions since 2019, back when I first embarked on my own van-life journey. My passion started with a dream for a new lifestyle focused on minimalism, discovery, and freedom. My love of travel and camping eventually led me to discover the van-life movement on Youtube. I knew instantly this was destiny! I spent hours researching and sketching my own layouts on paper, dreaming of the day I could afford my first van. I decided to invest all my spare time into learning 3D modeling in Sketchup. I was  so determined to have my dream van, even if that meant settling for a virtual 3D van in the meantime! All that time saving my pennies proved valuable as I worked through design changes and perfected my ideal set up in great detail. When I finally bought my van in November of 2020 I already had a clear vision of the finished conversion and all the inner workings. Next came accomplishing the build itself!


Given my 8 years of experience across several trades working in residential property preservation, electrical, and restoration I thought this project would be a cinch. Boy was I surprised! Building a van comes with many challenges you don't run into building a normal house. Luckily time is always on our side, and I eventually worked through the challenges one by one. Resulting in the manifestation of my dream van, and learning valuable insight along the way! The organic materials, color scheme, and chill vibes inspired me to dub my van "The Bohemian Dream Machine", or "Bo" for short! Click here to see more of Bo. Since finishing my build in 2021 I have started living van-life full time, traveling all around the southern US from coast to coast and back.  My ultimate travel goal is to cruise the entire Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina! Click here to see some pics from my past travels.

I've decided to launch my business Vantastic Planet with the goal of helping others make their van-life dream come true. So all your future travels can become a reality, and we can share the adventure of van-life together!  I hope you reach out and give me the opportunity to guide you on your way to building your own van conversion. Learn from my experience and accelerate your dream! Check out my Services and my 3D Vans page to learn more. Can't wait to get out and roam with you across this great Vantastic Planet!

Kyle H.

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Based in Los Angeles, California

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