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Custom Design Build Guide

Custom Design Build Guide


Did you purchase a custom van design from us? Need instructions on how to execute your van build? Let us handle the logistics so you can focus on building and hit your deadline!


The Custom Design Build Guide is an instructional book that provides a detailed breakdown of every step of the build process, custom tailored to the design we made for you. It also includes the Bill of Materials package, and a list of all the tools you will need. We use a compilation of instructional steps, renderings of assembly from your 3-D model, links to credible open source examples, and some video examples from our builds. This will all be organized and broken down into a series of chapters and steps written in chronological order.


Take it a step further and book the Build Management Consultaion Program. We are dedicated to your build success and will coach you through the entire process through weekly Zoom meetings, and up to twelve additional 30 minute calls whenever you need us most! We aim to help you finish your build in just 12 weeks!

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